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Trend Gallery

Fashion Consulting Group / Fashion Snoops

Fashion Consulting Group, the leading consulting agency in the fashion industry of Russia,

together with the international trend Bureau will present the latest fashion trends in a unique format trend gallery at dreams by CPM body & beach


Trendy theme SERENITY tells a story about the harmony of lightness and femininity, about summer bliss and a pleasant fresh breeze that suddenly overtakes us on the coast.

An atmosphere of calm, peaceful energy reigns here.


Trendy theme EDEN invites us to enjoy the comfort and high quality handmade.

EDEM is about delicate, organic colors and prints, combined with a comfortable and timeless design that will always remain relevant.


Trendy theme NEW WAVE offers sporty, functional and technological models in warm colors.

Bodysuits, sports bras and tank tops are keys to this trendy theme.


Trendy theme GARDEN DELIGHTS, like a walk through a wonderful and mysterious greenhouse, offers picturesque interpretations of colorful floral patterns.

Natural naturalness and artistic surrealism merge into a single whole, creating a world of incredible dreams and fantasies.


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