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Fashion Consulting Group, the leading consulting agency in the fashion industry of Russia,

together with the international trend Bureau will present the latest fashion trends in a unique format trend gallery at dreams by CPM body & beach


The fashionable RISE UP theme reminds us that after experiencing serious social and economic upheavals, we are finally getting back on our feet and ready to move on. We accept the imperfection of our world, but with incredible optimism we want to transform it for the better. Feeling our unity as a global community, we are inspired by the idea of reconstruction, when the design of the model implies the possibility of transformations and changes.


The HAVEN theme invites us to a calm, safe place where serenity always reigns. After a year of isolation, we want hugs and touches so much. Comfortable knitted, plush and quilted materials combined with smooth cut lines help to fill the thirst for intimacy and tactility. A palette of calm beige, gray and pastel shades creates a soothing atmosphere, relaxing our body and mind. HAVEN’s cozy wardrobe translates the idea of a reboot.


The fashionable HIDEAWAY theme invites us to distant wild lands, where we can retire and hide from dangerous reality. Primeval forests, moss-covered hillsides and cozy secluded cottages beckon us to themselves, offering shelter from the daily hustle and bustle and problems. The atmosphere of HIDEAWAY is the homely atmosphere of a hut in the mountains, a little dilapidated, but very hospitable.


The SYNERGY fashion theme illustrates the fusion of new technologies that support the natural balance, when design and fashion product are considered as integral components of the ecosystem. The theme of SYNERGY is based on the idea of a circular economy, so the possibility of recycling or biodegradation of materials, as well as their eco-composition and local production, determine the design of products.