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Fashion Consulting Group / Fashion Snoops

Fashion Consulting Group, the leading consulting agency in the fashion industry of Russia,

together with the international trend Bureau will present the latest fashion trends in a unique format trend gallery at dreams by CPM body & beach


Trendy theme “HARMONIA” is inspired by the desire to escape from reality into the magic of the wonders of powerful nature. A fantastic story about escaping from everyday life to imaginary illusory worlds.


Trendy theme “NOSTALGIA” is the charm of memories. The story, opening the door to the women’s boudoir, recreates pleasant moments from the past in memory. The appeal of vintage is witnessing personal stories. Here, each individual product is priceless for the owner, they are treasured almost like a family heirloom.


Trendy theme “SLOW RITUALS” offers to plunge into a cool winter morning and enjoy the tranquility of routine. This trendy theme focuses on quality sleep and pleasant morning rituals of unhurried self-care.


Trendy theme “LEISURE HAUS” draws inspiration from the atmosphere and aesthetics of life outside the hustle and bustle of the city. Trend is a story about the pleasures of everyday, simple and secluded life in nature. The values of naturalness and comfort are embedded here.