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Vieux Jeu

Vieux Jeu is the modernist sportswear label by Belgian designer Claudia Storme, our trend is a classic: we all have a busy schedule but we don’t want to give up our sports class, that’s why she created a “go-to label” for beautiful yet functional tennis clothing and accessories which are easy-to-wear & stylish.
Vieux Jeu celebrates the glamour of a lost era, giving classical shapes a modern spin. The collection showcases sports-luxe dresses, modern shirts, smart-looking shorts and fluid separates. Bold prints are married with aged-fabric finishes, creating a look that is at once glamorous and cutting-edge. Add timeless details like the finest buttons, black and burgundy stripes and pleats, for a chic take on sports style. While the tennis bags have been created as companions to the demands of modern-day life, each item appears as if it could share tales of the past, too.

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