DEVOTION TWINS - Dreams Moscow

DEVOTION TWINS are dreamlike fabrics, ethnic patterns, and authentic Greek craftsmanship. The ultimate holiday feeling to dress up, produced correctly and fairly in Europe.

Athina Parnasa, the founder and designer of DEVOTION TWINS, was born in Athens in 1967 and still lives and works in the Greek capital. She named her collection after her twin sons. Designs that make women more beautiful, give them confidence and emphasize their femininity are Athina Parnasas strength. Perfectionism and creativity are reflected in the brand’s characteristic style, which it consistently develops with each collection.

Greece resonates in all the designer’s designs: whether the typical patterns that are dyed in the studio in Athens or the top inserts – Athina Parnasa has put the textile tradition of the country in a modern context with DEVOTION TWINS. Embroidery and decorations, as they appear in Greek folklore, find their way into the designs. Clear lines, exciting color combinations, harmonious patterns – DEVOTION TWINS is MADE IN GREECE.


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